What does banner ad terminology mean?

What does banner ad terminology mean?

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  • Page Views or Page Impressions: Refers to how many times a page within a website has been displayed. For example, each time to refresh this page, it will register as a page view.
  • Banner View: Relates to how many times a specific banner has been displayed. This will be similar to a page view but if the banner was on a page twice, it the total would double.
  • Banner Click Thru: When someone clicks on a specific banner ad on a website and is taken to the site that is linked to the original site. In our case, a clicked banner takes you to the SimplyCast website.
  • CTR or Click Thru Rate: This is a given as a percentage, reflecting the number of times the banner has been clicked, divided by the total number of times the ad has been displayed on the web page. A high click thru rate means users are being engaged by the banner and they are clicking on it.
  • CPM or Cost Per Thousand: Like many types of direct advertising, costs for banner ads are generally quoted as a cost per 1,000 banner views. A charge of $20 CPM means that you would be charged $20 every 1,000 times your banner was displayed.
  • ROS or Run of Site: Means that your ad can be displayed anywhere within a website. Many times this advertising is less expensive than ads that are only displayed on the home page or in a specific section, or only when a particular keyword is used in a search engine to get to the page.

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