How do I use the Lead Metadata tab in Sonar reports?

How do I use the Lead Metadata tab in Sonar reports?

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How do I use the Lead Metadata tab in Sonar reports?

Once the Lead Metadata tab is open, you'll be able to view reports on a number of data streams that are tracked on top of the information available in the Overview and Activity tabs. This information includes tags added, score, site categories the customer visited and the amount they spent on your site. Each tab displays the information in list and graph format and can be sorted by Lead ID, Lead Type, or by the metadata category itself.

At the bottom of the list, you can alter the number of leads posted to each page, and navigate the pages of your lead list using buttons or text input. You can also see how many leads there are total and how many you have selected. Select a lead by clicking on the row of the list they are on. If you click the Lead ID, however, it will open the customer profile.

What about that last tab?

Clicking on the "Other" tab will bring up a modal with a dropdown menu on it. This allows you to choose any other metadata you need in order to give you relevant information. The categories will include all the metadata that sonar reports display, and will appear on the other side of the "Other" tab.

Why is this page important?

Reports and metadata attached to your visitors can give your marketers crucial information when forming marketing segments and building specific direct marketing campaigns. Reports also let you see patterns in categories or amounts spent that help you to make predictions for the future. As well, you can use the reports to find outlying statistics. Once found, you can click on the client ID to learn more about what makes them unique. This can lead to widening your customer pool even more.

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