How do you use the SimplyCast Wallet?

How do you use the SimplyCast Wallet?

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If you want to add credit to your SimplyCast Wallet, follow these steps:

  1. Click your Account ID in the upper right-hand corner of your application.
  2. Choose Subscription from the drawer that appears on the side.
  3. Click the green Add to Wallet (5% top up bonus!) button.
  4. Enter the amount you would like to add to your Wallet in the Amount to Deposit Field (minimum $500).
  5. Choose the credit card you would like to use for the Wallet Credit purchase from the Choose Credit Card dropdown.
  6. Click Purchase to complete.

NOTE: Your credit card will be charged the amount entered in the Amount to Deposit field. An extra 5% will be added automatically and will not be charged to your credit card.

NOTE: Wallet credits are not refundable or transferable between accounts.

If you want to use your Wallet credit:

  1. When you are making a purchase, click through to Confirm Plan.
  2. On this page, check off the option "Use Available Bonus Purchase Credit." This will use your Wallet credit to pay the invoice.
  3. Click Checkout.

NOTE: The Waller credit does not work automatically like an auto renew. A Wallet credit only works when selected manually.

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