What are some autoresponder best practices?

What are some autoresponder best practices?

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There are a number of things to consider when creating an autoresponder, and below you will find an outline of some best practices to consider when creating your campaign:

  • Create a way to attract and engage new users. Many people get automated messages every day, and if you're able to grab your readers' attention you'll get more bang for your marketing buck.
  • Avoid Dates and Events! Sometimes it's tempting to reference a recently passed holiday or event, but keep in mind this Autoresponder will be received at different times by different people. No one wants to receive information that was only applicable a few months ago.
  • Address some of the more frequently asked questions immediately! No one likes answering the same questions over and over again, so if you are receiving the same questions all the time you should consider adding more information in the messages you are sending.

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