Free email campaign services vs paid

Free email campaign services vs paid

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Free email campaign services make email marketing available to a wider group of organizations and businesses that might not have the budgets to use paid email services. Free email campaign services usually offer software that is easy to use, so people who may not have much experience creating email marketing campaigns can still design professional, attractive emails.

Paid email campaign services may have software that offers users a wider range of options to design, customize and send their emails. Paid services may also include reporting back on data collected from emails sent out, such as open rates and unsubscribes. A paid email services typically unlock certain features that were previously hidden in a free version, allowing you more abilities and tools to reach more contacts. With a paid option, users are typically also able to choose the number of contacts or email sends they need, which allows for further customization for package rates.

Free email services usually have limitations, such as a maximum number of emails that can be sent, and those emails may have the service provider's name or advertising on them. Free services also often do not have the same level of customer service support as paid services.

For small organizations and non-profits, free email campaign services provide a great way to get your name and message out to people on your email list. For companies who can afford to pay for email campaign services, these services are usually worth the price. Free email campaign software is also a great way to test the email marketing waters and determine which software best suits your needs without making a large, upfront investment.

If you'd like to learn more about SimplyCast's free and paid email service options, contact us today for a free consultation! Our expert team would be happy to help you find the package that best suits your needs.

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