What can I do to reduce the number of bounces?

What can I do to reduce the number of bounces?

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There are a few steps you can take to reduce the number of bounces in your email marketing campaigns. Bounce rates of as little as 1% can significantly impact your email delivery.

Bounces occur if a recipient email address is no longer valid. Make sure your contact list is up to date, and never purchase a list from any vendor! SimplyCast does not allow you to use purchased, rented, or harvested lists. Using a purchased, rented, or harvested list violates our terms of use and is grounds for the termination of your account.

The reason those list types are not allowed is because lists of that nature yield high bounce rates and generate spam complaints. So make sure you are using a closed-loop (also known as double) opt-in list of contacts that have asked to receive email from you directly.

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