What can I find in the account settings?

What can I find in the account settings?

Application and Account Settings FAQs

Your account settings can be found by clicking your client number in the right hand corner of the screen and then selecting Account Information. From there, you can find the following settings:

Profile - Here you can change your basic information, login email, and timezone.Address Information - Here you can add addresses and change your primary address.Password - Here you can change your password.Multi-Factor Authentication - This screen will allow you to choose a multi-factor login, meaning you can attach a mobile authentication. This adds an extra level of security to your login.
Sender Addresses - Here you can add new addresses to send emails from.
Notifications - Here is where you can set up your email notifications. You can choose to have emails sent to you when a campaign is completed, when a contact unsubscribes, and more.
Message Archive - This screen will show you any previous messages or notifications that have gone out from the SimplyCast team.
First Time Help - Here is where you can choose to have help tours enabled or disabled in your account.
Multi-User - This screen allows you to add new users and assign users roles within your account.Account Activity - Here you can see all activity that has taken place within your account. You can see when a campaign has been created, edited, or deleted.
Domains - This tab allows you to add custom domains to use with your campaigns.API - Here you can use an API to help manage contact data. Note: this is only recommended for advanced users.Push API - Here you can manage endpoints, which you can define with the Push API. Again, this is only recommended for advanced users.

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