What do the different statuses mean?

What do the different statuses mean?

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There are a number of different statuses associated with each outgoing campaign. Below is a full list of these statuses, as well as what each status means:

  • Pending - The email is being reviewed before it can be sent.
  • Queued - The message has been approved and is now queued to be built by the mailer.
  • Building - The message is comparing elements like unsubscribe lists, and parsing the HTML into a sendable format.
  • Ready to Send- Building is complete, waiting for an opportunity to send.
  • Sending - The campaign is being mailed to the recipients.
  • Complete - The campaign has finished sending.
  • Declined - The campaign has been declined by the Compliance team.
  • Error - There was a problem sending your campaign. Check the FAQ for additional information on troubleshooting errors - in most cases, an error is related to a problem with your mailing list.

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