What do my report statistics mean?

What do my report statistics mean?

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We have many useful statistics that can help you to analyze your email marketing campaigns. The following is a breakdown of available statistics that we show in our reports:


Bounced emails are emails that could not be delivered successfully to recipients on your mailing list. There are two types of bounced emails: hard bounces, and soft bounces.

Hard bounces are addresses that were rejected outright. Possible reasons for a hard bounce could be because the recipient's address no longer exists or the email's domain name no longer exists. Hard bounced email are flagged in your mailing list and the email suppression list so that you do not send to those emails again when you send to the list again.

Soft bounces are addresses that were rejected due to a temporary issue, such as a recipient's email box being full. Since these reasons are temporary, we don't flag those addresses in your list unless they are soft bounced five consecutive times because they may be able to be sent successfully when you mail again next time. At the present time, Soft Bounces are not displayed in the email reports.


Email "Clicks" or "Click-throughs" are shown in your reports when people are clicking on your links in your message content. They allow you to see how many people clicked on a link, and who those people are, to help you figure out how much traffic is being driven to the sites you are linking to. Tracking links are set up automatically when a message is saved so that all of the links in your content can be tracked.


These addresses are from recipients that have used the unsubscribe link that we insert into messages you send through SimplyCast to opt-out of your list.

Web Views

Web views are tracked when a recipient clicks on the link to view the web version of your message. The web version link is inserted at the top of every message sent through SimplyCast so recipients can view a copy of the email through their web browser if it won't render properly in their email program.

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