What features are included in the Outlook integration?

What features are included in the Outlook integration?

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Our current Outlook integration supports both contact synchronization and email timeline synchronization.

With contact synchronization, users are able to import, export, and synchronize contact data between the SimplyCast and Outlook systems, same as with most of our other CRM integrations. All contacts that users have stored in the People section of the Office 365 app can be imported into a list in SimplyCast's built-in CRM. These contacts can also be synchronized between these two systems. The integration also supports most of the contact fields found in Outlook, among which are:

  • Name
  • Company
  • Department
  • Address
  • Mobile/Telephone Number
  • Title

With the email timeline synchronization element in the integration, users' email interactions with their Outlook contacts are tracked – for example, if a user uses Outlook to send an email to one of their contacts or if they receive an email from their contact in their Outlook inbox.

Each of these interactions with contacts while utilizing Outlook in some way will appear on the corresponding contact's timeline in the SimplyCast CRM. The CRM timeline will display the following information:

  • The subject of the email
  • Who sent the email
  • Who received the email
  • When the email was sent
  • The body of the email (Users can view the email with a click of a button)

Timeline events are only added to contacts on the Sync List in the SimplyCast account, which is the list that the user chooses when setting up the integration.

If you would like to know how to install the Outlook integration in SimplyCast, check out this FAQ. 

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