Telephone number format voice broadcasting

Telephone number format voice broadcasting

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In what format must telephone numbers appear for voice broadcasting?

For country code 1 (USA and Canada) Phone numbers, We accept 10 digit numbers. We will accept any format of these numbers.

For international numbers, all items should be preceded by a + symbol and the country code.

Any number with a + will be treated as an international number, and any 10 digit number without a + will be treated as a North American number.

Why is that?

In order for the software to read the information properly, it needs to have the same input you'd give on any phone. There's no phone that will just make an international call without the country code. For that matter, even long distance numbers require the 1 or +, so our software has to read the same input.

Is international calling a part of my package?

International calling will incur slightly higher charges per message, however the feature is in fact included at any level of voice broadcasting, and of course, any 360 package that includes voice.

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