What happens when a recipient responds to my email message?

What happens when a recipient responds to my email message?

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By default, a recipient will respond to your message based on the email address you send it from. Messages that are sent out through SimplyCast use your own email address, which is referred to as a Sender Address. You specify this address when you send out your campaign through the "Sender Email" drop-down box in the "Schedule" step of creating your email campaign.

If you want to send from a different Sender Address, but it is not listed in the dropdown list, you can add it by going to Account Information then select the Sender Addresses tab and add a new sender address. Once a sender address is added, a confirmation email is sent to that address with a confirmation link within it. Click on the confirmation link in the email to activate your address.

If you did not receive the confirmation email, check your spam folder in case the confirmation message had been filtered. This is rare but sometimes can occur if you have a particularly aggressive spam filter.

We also give you the ability to specify a different Reply Address in addition to the Sender Email Address when you schedule a campaign and select "Use Reply Email." Reply Addresses must be verified sender addresses and will not show up in the Reply drop-down list until they have been verified.

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