What image and file format does SimplyCast support?

What image and file format does SimplyCast support?

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We support a number of different file formats. Depending on the channel that you are using there are different formats that you can use.

Email, form, and survey

At the present time, the email channel only supports image formats such as .jpg, .gif, and .png for files. These images are standard web-based formats, and this is why our message editor requires them.

If you would like to upload a text document as an attachment, we support .csv .pdf .odt .xls(x) . doc(x). These are typically file formats that the majority of systems support.


When you upload a fax campaign, we only support .pdf at the current time.


When you are sending pre-recorded messages to your contacts, you can use a  .wav .mp3 .mp4 as the file format of the message you would like to upload.

My image is in another format, what do I do?

If your image is in another format, we recommend opening the image in an image editing program. Most of these programs will allow you to save the image in one of those three formats.

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