"Bounced email" — what does it mean?

"Bounced email" — what does it mean?

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A bounced email is any email message that cannot be received by the intended recipient. This can happen for a number of reasons and depends on whether or not the bounced email was hard or soft.

A soft bounce is an undeliverable email due to a temporary issue, such as the recipient's inbox being full. A hard bounce is an undeliverable email due to a permanent issue that cannot be resolved, such as the email address not existing.

When dealing with bounced email addresses, it is important to remove hard bounces right away. With soft bounces, as their issues may be resolved, you can attempt those several times. But, if the same email address is returning a soft bounce every time, it is best to remove it from your list.

SimplyCast takes care of the bounce email management for you automatically. With SimplyCast, any emails sent out are monitored for bounced emails. Any hard bounces are automatically put on the suppression list. And, any soft bounces are tried five times. If any five consecutive sends the email address is still reporting as a soft bounce, SimplyCast flags it as a hard bounce and adds it to the suppression list.

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