What is a business continuity plan?

What is a business continuity plan?

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What is a business continuity plan?

So, what is a business continuity plan? A business continuity plan is an essential document that is helpful in mitigating downtime within a company whenever an unexpected service interruption or emergency arises. A business continuity plan documents the procedures and tasks to be completed whenever a disruption occurs so that everyone knows what their specific role is during an incident and can perform their duties as efficiently as possible to mitigate the damages incurred by the incident. This plan can also include communication and notification strategies for both clients and employees, ensuring proper communication throughout the incident and making sure everyone has access to the most up-to-date information to help restore service as quick as possible.

What else needs to be included in a business continuity plan?

Your business continuity plan should include potential resources your company possesses that can help to mitigate the disruptive incident. For instance, if there is a fire in the server room, the plan should outline the locations of all available fire extinguishers; the names and phone numbers of all IT staff with the knowledge and skills needed to repair any damages; locations and information regarding all backup hard drives and data; etc.

Having all resources available in one document is essential for maintaining quick recovery times and minimal losses to data and other service capabilities, ensuring your staff and customers are able to continue doing what they need to do.

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