What is a multi-user account?

What is a multi-user account?

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What is a multi-user account and how do I use it?

A multi-user account is a SimplyCast account that is available for multiple users with varying permissions to use. For example, a company using SimplyCast 360 with their sales team would have a login for each individual user and each user might be working with a different set of clients. Each user would have a different set of permissions which would allow them to use certain parts of the app while preventing them from using others.

How does this benefit me?

This account type will allow you to manage multiple employee accounts with separate project lists without needing a brand-new, full price subscription for each of them. This also ensures that you are able to grow at the points that it is most important to in order to save costs.

Is this included in my package?

The multi-user account feature is exclusive to our 360 packages, which you can find on our marketing automation page. If you have purchased one of those packages, then yes, multi-user accounts are included in your subscription. However, if you would like to verify this, check your feature list against the package closest to your bill. You can access your feature list by clicking on the gear icon that appears on the upper right corner of your screen, then clicking the Account Information option.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about the multi-user account feature or any other part of the SimplyCast platform, feel free to contact our helpful Support Team at support@simplycast.com.

If you would like to try out the SimplyCast platform for yourself, sign up today for a free 14-day trial of the platform. (Keep in mind that only users who have bought a SimplyCast 360 subscription will have access to the multi-user account feature.)

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