What is Acquisition Cost?

What is Acquisition Cost?

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Acquisition Cost is the destination field that manages the estimation of how much was spent on advertising and so on to bring that lead in. This is manually inputted at the time that the tracking is built under the value heading.

Is it included in my plan?

Yes. Sonar is a free subscription available to all our SimplyCast users, so all the features of Sonar are fully unlocked for you. This does not mean, however, that the features of 360 such as email, SMS, and others are unlocked.

How do I use it?

When you open our application at app.simplycast.com and sign in, you will notice some tabs along the very top of the window. If you click "More" you can find Sonar in the menu that drops down. By opening Sonar and creating a new Sonar project, you will be transported to the editing page, where you can add rules and change settings and tracker types. Clicking the plus sign to "add additional tracking data" you can use the dropdowns to build a tracking rule with this feature in it.

How does this benefit me?

It gives you the ability to track it and see what methods fit your budget easily. For example, someone who is paying $1.50 per click on a paid ad campaign, and estimates their total conversion cost to be $15 would estimate the acquisition cost of everyone clicking on the tracking link in their PPC campaign to be a total of $16.50 per person. Depending on how many people come in that month, they can assess if this method of marketing is cost effective for them at the time.

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