What is business continuity planning?

What is business continuity planning?

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What is business continuity planning?

What is business continuity planning, you ask? First things first, business continuity is the practice of being able to continue normal operations in a business or organization in the face of a disruption. It is also the practice of being able to quickly recover after such an incident with minimal loss of, or interruption in, service.

So, in this vein, business continuity planning is the act of ensuring that a business or organization has the appropriate processes in place in the event a disruption occurs. Business continuity processes should be defined well in advance, and preferably online as well as in hard copy so as to ensure their accessibility.

An example of a business continuity process could be making sure the organization has sufficient notification capabilities in order to alert clients, employees, and other necessary stakeholders in the event of a service disruption. The ability to recall appropriate personnel to mitigate the incident as quickly as possible should also be considered when coming up with a business continuity plan. Incident mitigation is a large part of any business continuity strategy - the least amount of downtime possible is ideal.

Proper business continuity planning also includes the upkeep and maintenance of these processes so as to be sure there are no gaps in the planning when an incident does occur. A regular run through of all processes can help determine whether there is anything missing.

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