What is SimplyCast CRM?

What is SimplyCast CRM?


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What is this and how do I use it?

The SimplyCast CRM is a new addition to our platform that helps you manage leads and set up nurturing campaigns. It also allows you to score your leads, arrange them within a given pipeline of your own design and track specific data. You can also tag your contacts, allowing you to be more selective with targeted group messaging.

In addition, SimplyCast CRM allows you to gather all relevant customer data on a single page that is consistently easy to edit and allows you to track interactions with the customer, as well as add account notes and more. There are features added to SimplyCast 360 as well that will be explained in detail in the technical manual.

How does this benefit me?

SimplyCast CRM will allow you to keep your customers and leads organized and compartmentalized, using unique tags, score, and many other identifiers to help your sales team to adjust their approach, while your marketing is able to see what is working and what is not. Just by organizing your customers and populating the information on their profile through automation you can get a clearer picture of who is buying your product, what they are interested in and how to best interact with them

Is this included in my plan?

SimplyCast CRM is a gift to all of our customers. It is included in your plan even with a free account. SimplyCast CRM is most powerful when combined with SimplyCast 360.

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