What is fax broadcasting?

What is fax broadcasting?

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What is fax broadcasting?

Fax broadcasting is a communication method by which fax messages are sent out by a piece of software rather than by a fax machine. Fax is a valuable mode of communication that allows users to send documents over a secure line of communication and allows users to reach people and provide them with a physical document for their records.

As mentioned above, fax broadcasting software can be used to create and blast out a fax message automatically to an entire list of contacts at once from the sender's computer. This is much more efficient than using a standard fax machine, where the sender is required to send out a fax message one page at a time to each contact.

With fax broadcasting software, senders can choose to send their faxes immediately or schedule them to be sent automatically in the future. This allows you to backlog scheduled faxes for maximum time efficiency. Senders are also able to specify time restrictions for sending in order to ensure that faxes will stop sending automatically at the configured time and thereby won't send after work hours or on the weekends.

SimplyCast's Fax application provides organizations with a fax broadcasting tool that can be used to send information to others with or without an internet connection. Faxes can be sent without ever having to touch a fax machine as SimplyCast allows you to create, send, and manage your fax campaigns entirely through your computer.  

Hopefully this gives you an idea as to what fax broadcasting is, as well as an insight into the benefits of using fax broadcasting software. To learn more about "what is fax broadcasting" and to discover how you and your business can use SimplyCast's Fax software for your fax sending needs, sign up for a demo of the solution by clicking the button below! 

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