What is lead generation?

What is lead generation?


If you've ever asked yourself "What is lead generation?" you're likely not the only one. Lead generation is a process that is used to gather quality leads through the use of advertising and targeted drip campaigns. It's the most rapid form of marketing growth and one of the most rapidly growing revenue sectors of online business. Companies amass millions of dollars each year, with the potential to reach billions.

Lead generation often follows a funnel model, where all prospective leads are first entered into the top of the funnel and as they proceed further into the sales process, they go deeper and deeper through the funnel until, when they make a purchase, they come out the small opening at the end. The funnel model is accurate because you know that out of all your potential leads, very few of them will actually end up being converted to making a purchase. Many generated leads may enter the top of the funnel all at once, but the sales at the other end will often be slower and less frequent. Essentially, the input is greater than the output.

There are many ways to generate new leads. Among these are through social media, drip campaigns, and even cold calls. Any method you use to bring in more clients to your business can be considered some form of lead generation.

How can I improve the lead generation process?

With automation, the lead generation process becomes easier and more manageable in that there is a lot less manual pushing of contacts through the sales funnel. Automation allows you to move leads through the funnel automatically once they complete a specified action and have the appropriate sales representative notified when the lead is ready to be engaged with again.

If you are interested in learning more about lead generation, contact us today to see how SimplyCast can help facilitate the process. If you have any further questions, check out the FAQ section on our website where we answer other questions similar to "What is lead generation?"

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