What is an email suppression list and how is it used?

What is an email suppression list and how is it used?

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An email suppression list, or unsubscribe list, is a list of email addresses that have indicated to you that they do not wish to receive correspondence, such as email newsletters or other updates, from your organization. When a campaign is sent from your account, the contact list you are mailing to is checked against the email suppression list prior to the campaign being sent to prevent people who have opted out of all your campaigns from receiving the message you are sending.

When someone indicates they never want to receive emails from you again, they are added to your email suppression list. This choice to opt out of all your mailings is presented to the recipient of your email message when they click on the unsubscribe link.

How can I add an email to my suppression list?

You can add records to the SimplyCast suppression list manually as well as view any email addresses that are on your unsubscribe list, by clicking the "Unsubscribes" option located in the Email dashboard. To manually add a contact to the list, simply click the Add to Unsubscribe List button and enter in the email address(es) of the contact(s) who you wish to unsubscribe and click on the Add to List button below the textbox.

These contacts will then be added to the list and will no longer receive any email communications from your organization.

You are also able to download the complete email suppression list to your device by clicking the Download button appearing above the list of suppressed email addresses.

Keep in mind that once an email address is added to the suppression list, it cannot be manually removed from this list, as an added protection to those who have unsubscribed. In order for someone who is on this list to receive emails from your organization again, they must re-opt in through a web form or other means and confirm that they wish to receive communications from you again.

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