What's a click-to-deliver rate?

What's a click-to-deliver rate?

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A Click-to-Deliver Rate is the percentage of clicks per number of emails delivered.

To calculate:

Take the total number of clicks in your email and divide it by the total number of emails delivered. So, if the total number of clicks is 167 and the number of emails delivered is 1,300, then the Click-to-Deliver Rate for this specific email marketing campaign is 12.8%.

What does the rate mean?

Essentially, a click-to-deliver rate demonstrates how alluring your promotion actually is. How many subscribers found your email / SMS so inviting they clocked right on through? A low rate shows that there's some need for tweaking. Keep in mind that this rate is only applicable to emails delivered (those that reached their destinations) instead of the total number of emails sent or the size of your list.


Email vs. SMS: which campaign receives a higher and/or lower click-to-deliver rate? New subscribers vs. old subscribers: which category of email or SMS marketing subscribers has a higher and/or lower rate? Repeat customers vs. one-time buyers: which group of buyers has a higher and/or lower rate?

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