When will the dashboards change?

When will the dashboards change?

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When will the dashboards change?

The dashboards will be changing by the release of version 9.0, and will look and feel a lot like the Contact Manager dashboard which is being released in 8.7. The dashboard may change depending on suggestions and customer input between now and then, as well as internal decisions. The dashboard is a work in progress, and we'd love to hear your thoughts!

Why are the dashboards changing?

Dashboards were causing some navigational difficulties on both ends. In some cases, a specific feature was hard to find, and in others, our developers were finding that the old dashboards weren't as developer-friendly and easy to change. Because of that, we made the shift to the new design in order to make everything easier to find and develop for. We know  might take some getting used to, but we're confident it will be better in the long run.

Giving feedback on the dashboard, where do I go?

Your best bet would be to email support and detail your concerns. If you really feel that you need to be heard, you can call us, or use our live chat feature on the website. We're happy to hear your concerns, and they might even help shape our next iteration of the application.

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