Why can't I import contacts from MS-SQL?

Why can't I import contacts from MS-SQL?


As some people may have noticed, they are no longer able to import contacts from an MS-SQL database. After some deliberation on the topic, SimplyCast opted not to support this feature anymore. As of now, we have no plans to support MS-SQL going forward.

Why don't you support it anymore?

First and foremost, the service was unreliable. Trying to support more than one version of it was constantly breaking our platform, and therefore teasing our customers with a service that was unreliable, something that would contradict our deliverability guarantee.

The second reason is security. We have an API functioning, and the connection can be made that way, instead of customers having to supply us with their database passwords in order to use MS-SQL. That was risky from a security standpoint and, for us, from a liability standpoint.

How can I get around this?

We have an API that can be set up between your databases and our systems, or you can use our built-in Contact Manager. We highly recommend using the Contact Manager, as using all our products in sync is the best way to get the optimal results from our products. Both these options will work perfectly well, however. In addition, we offer integrations with other 3rd party CRMs. If you can upload from MS-SQL to them, then we can integrate and take the information from that CRM.

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