Why do you flag the addresses in my list?

Why do you flag the addresses in my list?

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We flag the addresses in your list based on your campaign results so that we know which addresses had unsubscribed and which had been returned as hard bounced addresses (bad addresses). We display these flagged records to you in the list manager, separated by tabs when you view your list data.

In email list management, this is important because you need to ensure that you are not sending emails to anyone that has unsubscribed. Additionally, sending a campaign to bad email addresses can affect your deliverability in a negative way. Flagging records on your list helps to also ensure that you are not wasting email credits on addresses that have been confirmed to be bad addresses or addresses you can no longer send to, which saves you money while increasing your ROI (return on investment).

If you would like to clean your master database (the originating data source outside of the SimplyCast system), you can export your mailing list data (by clicking on the CSV Export or XML Export buttons) and clean any flagged records from your master list.

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