Why should I advertise through email?

Why should I advertise through email?

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The simplest answer: email is a relatively inexpensive channel for marketing yet it has the potential for high returns. Using software that is currently available online you can create professional, appealing emails for the purposes of marketing. Some email software is free to use and some you have to pay to use. Even if you are buying your email services, the cost to send emails is usually very affordable compared to other channels of marketing.

Despite being inexpensive to create and send, emails can generate many sales. Through direct email marketing, you can send promotional offers to customers. Emails are a very direct and personal way to connect with customers and can be highly persuasive if you have a well-crafted and interesting message. You also collect a lot of useful data about your customers by tracking your emails. There are lots of great resources on our website and online to help you perfect your emails. Invest the time to create a compelling email and test different variables, such as targeted emails, new subject lines and different send times, to find out what works best for you.

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