Can I send emails without no email addresses/names?

Can I send emails without no email addresses/names?

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Am I allowed to send emails without showing email addresses or names?

SimplyCast does not allow you to send email messages without showing e-mail addresses or names in any capacity, and in fact, we discourage this behavior actively.

Why do you not allow this?

Hiding this information would be considered spam, and we do not allow the users of our service to send unsolicited or deceptive emails through our service. Such emails would violate our terms and conditions and anti-spam policies.

Is it just your policy?

Yes and no. There may be other companies that do not maintain such strict policies for sure, however, most countries have some kind of anti-spam legislation, so you open yourself up to strong litigation that way. Because of that, we feel it best to simply protect our customers before it happens.

But if it only affects me, shouldn't it be my choice?

The assumption that it only affects one person is, in fact, incorrect. Because the messages sent through our service come from us, anyone sharing an IP address with you is affected if you get the IP address blacklisted, and then the company has to try to repair that damage. You could be affecting several other businesses, so to prevent accusations flying wildly in the event of such an occurrence, we simply ensure the situation never arises.

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