How do I work with multiple elements on canvas at once?

How do I work with multiple elements on canvas at once?

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In the Automation Flow Editor in the latest version of SimplyCast 360, you are able to select a section on the canvas containing multiple elements and work with them simultaneously. To do this, click and hold the mouse down on a blank section of the canvas. Drag the mouse across the elements you want to select to create a blue box, then release the mouse.

two elements connected in 360

When you hover your mouse over a highlighted section of the canvas, you will see two icons appear in the top corners of the blue box. On the left is a Copy All Selected icon, which allows you to create a second copy of the highlighted section in the canvas. To do this:

highlighting multiple elements on the 360 canvas

  1. Click and hold the mouse down on the Copy All Selected icon, and drag the mouse to another spot on the canvas. You will see an empty green box appear.
  2. Drop the green box anywhere on the canvas and it will turn blue, becoming populated with the elements, widgets, and connections you copied.
  3. Upon doing this, the section you initially highlighted will be deselected, and the copied version will be selected instead.

copying highlighted elements on the 360 canvas

The red "x" icon on the top right corner is used to delete the highlighted section of your campaign. When you hover your mouse over the highlighted section, this red "x" icon will appear. Click the icon, and a pop-up will appear asking you to confirm your deletion.

deleting highlighted elements in a 360 campaign

The last thing you can do with highlighted sections is move them around the canvas; this moves all the highlighted elements, widgets, and connections simultaneously and maintains their positions in relation to each other. To do this, simply click and hold the mouse down anywhere inside the highlight section, and drag and drop the section around the canvas as desired.

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