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A/B Split Testing

example of an a/b split test campaign

Testing and trying new things is key to email marketing success. That's why A/B split testing is a must-have feature to learn what elements work the best.


At the most basic level, A/B split can be used for direct mail, email marketing, landing pages and banner ads.


Let's look at a basic email example. Your company has a list of 10,000 email marketing subscribers and you want to test the effectiveness of certain subject lines. You'll track the success of each subject line through individual promotional codes, but each email will be promoting the same deal.


Divide your email list into two groups, each containing 5,000 recipients.


Group A is going to get the subject line, "Hurry to Save on Last Minute Deals" and it'll contain the promotional code SLA, for "Subject Line A."


Group B's subject line is, "Monster Sale Ends at Midnight," and it'll have the accompanying promotional code SLB or "Subject Line B." Send out both emails and wait for the sales to come in.


To determine which subject line is the most effective, track which promotional codes were entered. Our software will track which list has the most opens for 24 hours and then send the message with the higher rate to the remainder of the subscribers.


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To use A/B split testing within your SimplyCast account, you need to create the campaign under email marketing. Create a new campaign section, select A/B Split Testing, where it will explain it to you what to do when you hover over the image.


You will go through the campaign creation process for Group A and Group B, either starting from scratch or using existing campaigns. Once the campaigns are all set, you will send and let our software do the work. Over a 24 hour period both versions of the campaign will be sent to your list and, as reports come in, a winner will be decided.


The winning campaign, or the one with better results, will then be used to send to the remainder of the list. You can also designate the percentage of how you want each campaign broken up. You can do a straight up 50/50 split or any other combo of 100.


Now you know how to use A/B split testing, sign up for a free account.

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