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Activation Cross-Check


The Activation Cross-Check is the final check performed before the 360 Automation Manager campaign is sent.


It will go over your whole campaign and point out anything that is stopping you from sending and will list each individual element as active or inactive.


The cross-check step is key to making sure the multiple parts of your campaign are functioning and ready to send.


This feature is like a sophisticated proof-reader. If, for example, you have created a campaign which uses email as one of its elements but you have not added your company sending information to the email newsletter, the email element would be listed as "Inactive" when you click the "Activate" button.

You must go back into the email editor, fix the problem, then try to activate your campaign again.


Once you click "Activate" and everything is listed as "Active" your campaign will been sent. The cross-check is intended to catch any problems that would hurt your campaign and find any issues you may have missed.


Once you are logged in to our application:


The cross-check is performed for you by the 360 Automation Manager.


Once you have created your campaign, click "Next" and you will be brought to the "Activation" page.


When you click "Activate" the platform will check every element of the campaign and tell you if there are any problems.


If any elements are listed as "Inactive" you must fix the problem with those elements before the campaign will be sent out.


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