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Just like with any other form of marketing, if the subscriber receives your message at a time that does not match the offer or form of communication, it can ruin a potential sale. When sending a Fax Broadcast, it is a best practice to send your message during regular business hours which means during the day, Monday to Friday. One of the features of SimplyCast's fax service is to select times that you don't want people to receive your fax, as well as choosing the days you would like to send on. This helps control when your message reaches the intended target and avoids frustration on the part of the receiver.


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To add a time restriction, simply use the time selectors once you reach the schedule stage of the creation process.
Remember, you are selecting the times that you don't want people receiving your fax message. If you select 10pm to 5am, no one will receive a fax during that time.
You can also choose the days you do want to send on. The reason for this is to protect you from longer sends or retry attempts. If the full campaign has not been sent by the end of the specified day(s), the campaign will stop.
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