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Automatically Add Twitter Followers



When someone subscribes to your Twitter feed, they become your follower. This means they will be able to read everything you post on your account in their Twitter feed. Having a lot of followers is ideal, but only if they are engaged and truly interested in what you have to say. Now, imagine if you were able to automatically add Twitter followers.


How would that impact your social media presence?


So how do you add Twitter followers?


You can follow people and hope they do the same in return, or you can take the time to target those who fit into your space or industry. Finding these like-minded Tweeters can be a challenge but with automated tools adding more followers is very easy. SimplyCast's Twitter marketing tool offers a few ways to automatically add Twitter followers who are already engaged with your feed. You can set it up so that anyone who retweets or replies to your message will be followed. You can also utilize the smart list and use various filters to narrow in on who you should be following.


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Start at the Twitter dashboard and create a new campaign or open up an existing one. Once you click through to the Tweet settings page, you can enable it so anyone who retweets your message, will automatically be followed. You can also set this up on your settings page which controls the whole account, meaning the options set will be used on all campaigns. Before, it was on a per campaign basis. Finally, the Smart list tab lets you target like-minded Tweeters based on a number of filters. These include keywords, distance and the number of followers they have. You can also look at specific Twitter accounts as well as their created lists. Just enter the parameters you want and search. Once you have results you can easily follow the accounts listed.


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