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Automate Daily Status Updates for Facebook



The status update is the ultimate reason people use Facebook. It can include personal thoughts, links to places on the web or information regarding your company. Without daily status updates, your Facebook page has little chance to build an engaged and interested fan base. Those fans are the ones who help open up your business to new markets, creating new leads and more sales.


There is nothing like free word of mouth advertising and that is where Facebook can take your company to greater heights. But maintaining an active newsfeed can be hard and very time-consuming. By using automated daily status updates that you prepare ahead of time, you will save time to work on other areas of your marketing or business. Create multiple status updates all at once and then schedule them to post to your company Facebook page over time.


No need to remember to work on your Facebook page again. Fill in the fields with your text, links and images and schedule for posting. Add unlimited status updates within one project. Fully preview how each will look to your readers as well before publishing.




To automate Facebook status updates, start by creating a project from the Facebook dashboard. Click create a new project, give it a name, select schedule posts and click next. Before you begin, you will have to associate a Facebook account with the project. If you have already done this, just move to the next step. Next, you will reach the edit posts page. This is where you enter your text, images and links for each of your daily status updates. Label your post for each organization, then click edit to add content to the post. Once in edit mode, you can create a simple post or an advanced post.


Simple post is for quick messages or if you want to add a link and let Facebook handle grabbing the information. The advanced post allows you to customize the information about your link or image. Simply click on the image (currently displayed as the SC Logo) to upload a new image. You can then enter the details that you want to display your link/image instead of leaving it up to Facebook. Next, schedule your post for when you want it to appear on your newsfeed and then if you want any recurring posting for this individual post. We recommend not repeating the same post a lot, otherwise, your newsfeed looks bad. Add a link if you have not already and then click save or next.


To add more posts, just click the green plus button or the red X to delete. The status will tell you whether the post is live or not and you can toggle back and forth depending on what you need.


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