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Using software to automate tweets is a great way to be more productive and stay active on social media. Take a few minutes and set up Tweets that will post automatically in the future at a time that you choose. Sprinkle in automated Tweets with live ones to create an interesting and engaging stream of information, updates, and entertaining posts. Automate Tweets to post messages for holidays, birthdays or other special days for your followers. As a company, you may need to automate posts detailing important customer alerts that you want to share numerous times so the message gets out. When you automate tweets, you are using a tool that is great for running a promotion or announcing new features. If you share tips or tutorials or have different courses online, you can set up a whole series of automated Tweets that follow a structured pattern. A pattern you would not have to worry about missing if you are working on other things. Like we mentioned, you really should never fully automate your Twitter feed as that seems robotic and cold to followers but if used right, they can really add value to your business.


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To set up automated Tweets, start by going to the Twitter marketing dashboard. Start by naming your project and selecting new project from the dashboard. Once you proceed through the steps, you will land on the schedule Tweets page. Here you can add as many Tweets as possible keeping them to under 140 characters. Then schedule when they get posted, how often and shorten any links that you add. You can pause or enable individual Tweets at any time. Add or delete Tweets as well with one click.
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