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Autoresponder Capabilities

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The autoresponder feature allows the platform to send out timely automatic messages in response to certain actions taking place. This feature can be used to send confirmation messages when someone fills out a signup form, to let customers know that a purchase is complete or that a request has been successfully submitted. It can be used in almost any situation where a customer should receive a response immediately upon performing an action, to let them know what is happening and provide them with some follow-up information.


You could use this feature to respond to someone who had sent your company an SMS or email message. The autoresponder could send out an SMS or email as a reply, saying "Thank you for your message! Our customer care team is reviewing it and will get back to you shortly." This way, the customer knows instantly that their message is important to you and has been submitted correctly. This feature provides you with peace of mind, knowing that customers are being contacted immediately when they take an action, so they know that their request, submission or purchase has gone through successfully. It helps you provide prompt, consistent customer care.
Once you are logged in to our application:
In the 360 Automation Manager, you can create autoresponders by instructing the system to send a message immediately when an action takes place. So, if you have customer data entering the platform through a signup form, and your confirmation message is an email, you would drop the signup form element and the email element onto the editing area. You would then connect the signup form to the email, and a little bubble will appear reading Signed Up. The customer will then receive an email automatically when they sign up through the form.

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