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Boost Sales with Personalized Promotions

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How can you appeal to your customers' individual book and novel interests?


You can target each potential customer individually through personalized promotions. But won't that be too much work?


Not with the power of automation on your side! You are able to use automated communication tools to send targeted messages to all your subscribed contacts. Features such as merge tags and conditional filters can be used to personalize and tailor these messages to each recipient without you having to any extra work at all! Based on customer data, messages are automatically sent to each customer with books that are likely to interest them.


What are these tools?


Merge tags are used as placeholders that will be replaced with contact information (such as a name) when the message is sent to a list. This information is collected from your CRM tool which stores all your contact information that gets provided to you. Conditional content blocks can be configured during the creation of the message in the automation platform. You can set a filter on a specific part of the message content so that it only gets sent to those who clicked a specific link, live in a specific place, liked a specific post, etc. So, when the message is sent, the content will only appear if the content matches the conditions of the set filter! Personalized promotions build loyalty and increase sales. You can send your book promotions out automatically based on clients' birthdays, past purchases, loyalty points, and more.


Let SimplyCast help you with your personalized promotions!


If you have any questions regarding how SimplyCast can help you with automating and personalizing your book promotions, don't hesitate to contact us today! Check out our automation platform, SimplyCast 360, and see for yourself how easy it is to use by signing up for a free 14-day trial of the SimplyCast platform!

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