SimplyCast - Comprehensive Element Reporting

Comprehensive Element Reporting


Once you activate your campaign, you will begin to receive all kinds of data from emails sent out, signup forms filled in, and all other actions that are tracked.


It is crucial to review your campaign reports to see what succeeded and what needs to be improved. In order to make sense of the various information, each campaign has detailed reports you can view.


Each separate element in your campaign will have its own unique report.


So, if you sent out emails, you can view reports on clicks, opens, unsubscribes, etc.


If you also sent out voice messages, you can view separate reports on how many customers dialed through to a customer service agent, how many answering machines picked up and so on.



Data collected from each campaign element is broken down in detail.


If, for example, you included SMS messages as an element in your campaign and you wanted to see how customers were responding to them, you would click to see the individual SMS report. You would see how many of your SMS messages were read, which links were clicked (if you included any), which shortcodes were getting the most use, who specifically was responding and any other data that was collected.


Reviewing and analyzing your report data is essential to improving your future campaigns and seeing what is successful with your customers and subscribers.


Once you are logged in to our application:

Each element will have its own separate report that you may view.

In the 360 Automation Manager dashboard, select the “Reports” tab to view a list of the reports.

Simply click on the element for which you wish to view the collected report data.


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