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Contact-based List Management


If you have the same contact on multiple lists, you want to be able to access all that person's information in one place, without having to go from list to list to see the details. This feature synchronizes a single contact across all the lists which that contact is on. You can choose how your contacts are updated based on new uploaded information. This allows for more integrated and specific reporting information, which is useful for targeting. It also helps to provide cleaner list management and allows data to be easily updated so your contact lists stay current.


This feature happens automatically, but you can adjust how your contacts are updated if new information is uploaded. You can adjust your contact merge information settings for any current list or new list that you are creating. Select the list you want to update and select "Merge Options." You can choose from a variety of options. These merge options apply whenever new information is uploaded for a contact that already exists on one or more of your lists. You can update old information with new information, disregard new information or combine new and old information. To learn more about your different merge options for incoming contact data, click here.

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