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Create Custom String


By creating a custom string with the link tracking software, you can provide further details of where your traffic is coming from. This can help show exactly how the user reached your website or application. For example, you could add a string to the end of your URL that could inform salespeople what product a person was looking at and clicked on. Then the salesperson can go right into that product when they make contact. Adding a custom string is simple and makes it easier to track where traffic comes from.


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Creating a custom string for your tracking link can have huge benefits if your team is actively trying to engage web viewers. Go to the link tracking software dashboard and create a new tracking link. Once the link is created and you find it in your list, you can add custom text to the link. For example, when you create a link, it will look like this example of a custom string would be This could tell your team that the user was interested in hamburgers and that is what the follow-up email or call should focus on. Use the custom field where you add the text you want and click "Save" for it to become active.
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