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When character space is limited, like with Twitter, long URLs can be a bad thing. Thankfully there are numerous link shortening tools out there to avoid this. One is built right into SimplyCast's Twitter marketing software and all it takes in one click. Creating Twitter short URLs is also how you can track who is clicking on your links. There is not too much to short links but what they lack in substance, they make up for in power.


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To start creating Twitter short URLs, you need to go to the schedule Tweets step of the creation process. On the main screen where you add your content, you will see a link that says Shorten URL. Then the status will either say Not Shortened or Shortened. When you add a URL to your post, it will appear exactly as you added it. For example - is the full URL and when you click shorten, it would change to is how it will appear when you post to Twitter.
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