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How to Use CRM Integrations

Not everyone stores their contact information in SimplyCast's contact managing software. You can store your data elsewhere and still easily use our powerful marketing tools. This is done by integrating with all the leading CRM solutions and making it as easy as one click to access data. All you need is your user login details to seamlessly connect your CRM account to SimplyCast. Then you can target campaigns, send messages and grow your business without worrying about moving large amounts of data. SimplyCast's contact managing software has added CRM integrations with the following solutions: Salesforce, SugarCRM, ZohoCRM, WordPress and VTiger. We are also adding more all the time, so if you don't see the CRM you use, let us know.


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Connecting to each CRM integration that we offer is quick and easy when using the contact managing software. All you need is an account with a CRM solution and data to transfer and you are set. From the List Management dashboard, click "New List."From there you will see numerous options for all the CRMs that we currently offer. Click on the one you would like to connect to and enter the login details. You will need your username and password and then select if you want to import contacts or leads. This will create a new list in the contact manager that you can then use to send to. Please note, the data will only update within SimplyCast if new users are added or deleted. The actual list that you imported from the CRM solution will not change.
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