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Custom Configuration


Having the most options to customize your HTML web forms is what you should be looking for in a solution.


The sign of a powerful form creation tool is that the automation and technology is taken care of by us and you make your form look exactly how you want it. 


Having the power to edit or change every detail is important. With our form builder solution, you can add custom configurations on almost every aspect of the form.


This includes the fields on the actual form, the optin settings and the verification process when someone signs up.


You can customize the whole process to match your lead generating or feedback generating process.


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After you create new HTML web forms from the dashboard, you have the option of customizing what is on your form right away.


Add the field types you want by dragging and dropping the blocks from above.


Each block can be further customized on the right side of the screen. This includes colors, fonts, padding size and more. Everything is simple to edit and does not require any programming skills.


Once the actual form is created, there are a number of options that you can find in the settings.


Options include basic settings like redirecting to a URL on form completion, limiting the number of times one IP can sign up and a limit of total signups.


Advanced options offer the user the chance to use their own optin process or SimplyCast's.


You can set up the reply email address, the messages for verifications and confirmation settings.


Now you know more about custom configuration for forms, sign up for a free account.

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