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Customizable Selection Fields


Create your own fields that the platform will use to select which messages to send to which users. You can create as many specific fields as you need, such as color, brand, product, flavor, course type, basically anything that you are asking customers to make a decision on. Customizable fields are important for campaign creation, as every campaign will be different and every company will have different needs.

Imagine that you are selling cars and you are asking customers to make a decision on which type of vehicle they want to receive information about. You could create a field called "Vehicle Type." You would have a list of customer data and one of the fields for each customer would be "Vehicle Type."
The platform will search under the "Vehicle Type" field of each customer's data in order to select the specific messages to send out. If a customer selects "Convertible" as their preferred car, the platform would know to send messages about convertibles to that customer. Customizable field types allow you to input exactly the data you want to include, and you are not stuck with using generic field types such as "name," "address," "phone number" and so on. Common field types are, however, listed for your convenience in case you want to use them. 
Once you are logged in to our application: 
In the editing field, when you add a decision branch which connects two elements, you can create as many field types as you need. The system will send out different messages based on which customers fit the specific fields. If a customer does not fit any of the fields in the first level, or "round," of decision criteria, the platform will then move on and test them against the second round of criteria to see if there is a match.

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