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Decision-Based Sending

Example of a campaign with a decision element

The platform is able to make complex decisions based on the data that users input.


When you create your campaign, you can set up decision elements so that users receive different messages based on their personal preferences.


For example, if someone is filling out a form and checks a box indicating that they are interested in a certain type of car, you can set it so the system will email them an information package about that car.


If another person filling out the same form indicates that they prefer a different type of car, a different information package will be emailed to them by the system.


This feature allows customers to automatically receive messages targeted to their personal interests.



Let's say that you are sending out information packages for potential students interested in learning more about university business courses.


If you offer ten different business courses and people can select the courses that they are interested in, the platform will send each individual different information packages based on the selections they make on the signup form. If someone selects "Business Management" and "Business Marketing Technology" as the courses they are interested in, they will receive information packages about only those two courses.


The decision making feature is part of the core software that makes the 360 Automation Manager so unique. Rather than having to filter each individual customer, client or prospect, the platform does it for you automatically. People engage and respond better to messages that address their specific needs, rather than just getting mass messages that are sent out to everyone.


Once you are logged in to our application:


When you add elements to the editing area, you can connect them by selecting “Decision.”


You can then specify which messages, and what form of the message, will be sent to users based on the preferences they select.


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