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Drag-and-Drop Creation

Image of the form builder editor and sample form

Create forms in only a few minutes without having to know a single bit of coding. All you have to do is drag the fields you want into your form, arrange and do any customization and that's it. Using our simple HTML form builder could not be easier.

Once your form looks the way you want it, get the code or a URL for easy distribution. 

Having a form on a website to collect data is a must when you are marketing for your company. Whether it is for new leads, customer feedback or even collecting RSVPs, having a well designed form pays off. 


Ready to use? Sign up for your free account. If not, read how to use.


To create a form using our simple HTML form builder's drag and drop functionality, go to the form builder dashboard and click "Create New Project."


First you will be asked to choose a template.


Your creation screen will show the form in the middle with the basic fields included.


On the top of the screen you will see all of the options that you can drag into your form.


Under Channel inputs, you can choose from email, fax, and SMS. This will collect email addresses, fax numbers, and mobile numbers.


Under Form elements, you can add a label, text input, textbox input, an image, dropdown menu, checkbox, radio buttons and finally a spacer.


Once you have dragged the elements you want into your form, you can adjust and arrange very easily using the menu on the right as well as the functions on your form (for arranging order).


To save time, you can also publish your form as a template so you can use it again for another project.


Now you know more about drag and drop creation, sign up for a free account.



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