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Drag-and-Drop Interface



What's simpler than drag and drop?


Although the 360 Automation Manager can perform complex tasks, we want the campaign creation to be as easy as possible.


The editor is similar to our email editor and is simple to use even if you have limited technical skills.


Just select the element you would like to use and drop it into your campaign.


We make it easy to create and edit your campaigns, even if you have never used the platform before.



An example could be if you want visitors to your website to sign up for your email newsletter. You would simply drag and drop a signup form element into your campaign.


You can then add in an email element and connect the two, so that when someone signs up to receive your newsletters they will get a confirmation message sent to their email.


The drag and drop feature is intended to make it simple for anyone to use the 360 Automation Manager to automate their communication.


All you need is an idea. You can easily make it happen without any complicated technical steps to follow.


Once you are logged in to our application:


All you need to do is select the element you want to use by clicking on it. Then drag the element onto the editing area and give it a name.


You can add as many elements as you need using this simple method.


Connect the elements by pulling the built-in arrow of one element to any place on another element.



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