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Easy Campaign Creation


Twitter is fast and it is in real-time. If you wait too long the moment has passed and it is no longer news. While this is the reason you need to be on top of your Tweeting, there is plenty of room to add Twitter automation to the mix. 


You don't want to have to remember details that happen at regular intervals, like holidays, special greetings or reminders for your followers. 


Set up an easy twitter campaign of automated posts in minutes and then stop worrying for a while. This allows you to still add timely Twitter updates, as well as letting your feed run on autopilot knowing you have already done the work.


Enter your message and keep track of your characters, then pick a posting time, recurring variable and then publish.


You can also shorten URLs if you are adding a link to your post.


Ready to use? Sign up for your free account. If not, read how to use.


To create an easy Twitter campaign, start by going to the Twitter dashboard and clicking create new project.


First you will choose to create a new campaign from scratch, use an existing campaign as a template or add an RSS feed from a website or blog.


Enter a project name, choose the type and proceed.


You will now have a screen with the fields where you will enter your Tweets. You can add as many as you want by clicking the green plus button.


Enter your text and use the character counter to judge how many characters you have used. It has to remain under 140 or it will get cut off.


Once you have your text entered, you will pick your publish date and time. Use the picker to select. This is the time when the post will publish to your Twitter feed.


Then you have the option to shorten a URL and set a  recurring frequency if you so choose.


You can also pause individual posts or delete posts.


All of these posts or settings can be changed at any time.


When complete click save or next.


Now you know more about easy Twitter campaign creation, sign up for a free account.


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