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Easy Event Creation

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Creating an event and fully managing it can be time-consuming. There are many elements to pulling off a successful event, so let us help you. With event management applications like SimplyCast, you can create RSVPs, send to your list and then engage with clients before and after your event. Create your own event hub in only a few clicks and customize it to match your brand and the needs of your event. Design tickets and RSVPs and send them using either email, SMS or even in the form of an online survey.

Provide all the details your attendees will need before they show up. Details include who is hosting, what the event is about, any special details and even Google maps. The event creation and event management stages are easy and can save you a great deal of time so you can focus on other important details.


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The full event creation process is broken into six steps: new project, event details, scheduling, registration, distribute and cross-check.
To start, enter a project name and whether you want to start from scratch or copy an existing project. By following each step, you will enter the full details of the event including the venue, the host background, and the contact information. Extras include adding a listings widget that you can add to your website. Once that is all set, you will enter the start and end time of your event as well as the time zone.
The registration step allows you to manage registration types, create registration forms, customize an event page and set up reminders that will be sent to guests. Once the initial invitations have been sent, it is time to manage the event. Event management is also broken into six steps: management, event scheduler, event details, distribute, registration and attendees.
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