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Easy List Creation


SimplyCast's contact management solution is easy to use. Upload contacts one by one, in one large file, from an existing database or even from another CRM solution. Once the list is created, automation takes over. New users are added when they sign up, users are taken out when they unsubscribe and any data that is bad or a duplicate gets removed. With SimplyCast's contact management solution, we keep your list clean, updated and ready to generate sales.


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To create your first list using SimplyCast's contact management service, go to the list management dashboard and click on "New List."From there you will be given a few options, to create list from file, create new empty list, create new list from text and then several CRM integration options. The most common two are uploading a file or creating a list from scratch. To upload a file, follow the instructions.You can upload .csv, .txt. .xls or .xlsx files into our system. By clicking on the checkbox, you confirm that all contacts in the list opted-in to receive emails from you. This list did not originate from a third party. Violation of the points above may cause immediate termination of your account, and forfeiture of any pre-paid amounts. Once a new list has been added to your account, you can customize the name of the list and what fields it will contain. Common lists contain email address, company, first name and last name. Simply double-click on the list you want to see and edit and a new tab will open. From here you can add more contacts from a file or manually one by one. You can also delete contacts, clean lists and export data. Back at the main dashboard of your lists, you can use different tools to update preferences, change labels, split lists, create a signup form and so much more.
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